The Sheer Joy of Motherhood

My boys, giving mom some amazing smiles! (Oee on the left, Wossy on the right)

My boys, giving mom some amazing smiles! (Oee on the left, Wossy on the right)

I don’t even mean the title ironically! There are a lot of moments of all-consuming joy in parenting. Having two children has reminded me of this, because I get to feel nostalgic about Oee’s baby moments, while experiencing Wossy’s. One of the absolute best parts of parenting of the past 2 year and 9 month journey we have been on is feeling the love of a baby for his mom. It can literally be seen all over their face. No one else is mom and they don’t love anyone as much or quite the same. I know the biology behind this, but won’t bore everyone with all the details of mammal evolution. This special love is amazing, and the absolute best part of my current life, but it is a double-edged sword, since it means I take on all the feeding, most of the calming and the bulk of the early baby responsibilities. But I’ll happily take it. (Maybe because we have had easy, easy babies!)

I feel that pure love from Wossy. I see the joy in his eyes when I come into his field of vision. I light up his life! But I know from experience that it doesn’t last long. And it really shouldn’t. As sad as it is to see me become less and less the focus of my children’s lives, it is wonderful to watch them flourish without me. Oee will pass me by in a second for an elmo video, or to see his Opa or Poppy, or his tricycle, or for Easter Bunny Candy or for all the things that are more exciting than mom. He still has that special love for me and I am still the one he needs most. When he is tired, or sad, or scared, or even if he just hasn’t seen me for too long he seeks refuge in moms arms. I relish these moments from both of them, knowing that growing up means my boys will inevitably need me less and less. And I remind myself that that is a great thing, and it means we are doing this parent thing right.

But I do take the opportunity to remind Oee (and myself!) that once, I was cooler than Elmo, his tricycle and candy combined!


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