Pronunciation Disasters

Oee is doing very well with his communication skills. He loves talking, and never stops! Lots of things are sung to the tune of the wheels on the bus. Whenever a person or animal does something, apparently it should be set to “Wheels Bus” as he says. But singing isn’t Oee’s only language quirk. Like most toddlers, he has pretty interesting pronunciation. Unfortunately, he inherited his mother’s ear structure, so his hearing isn’t great and his pronunciation suffers. Here are two of the most unfortunate words we are working on.

Clocks. Oee loves them. The giant and I each have a clock on our bedside table, but since being a stay at home mom, mine isn’t even plugged in. Oee loves pointing out “mommy’s clock” and “daddy’s clock” and letting us know that “mommy’s clock is broken”. The issue is Oee thinks the L is silent. The bigger issue is he loves telling us about this in public, any time he sees a clock.

The other notoriously silent letters are the first 4 letters in shampoo. Again, the shampoo always belongs to mommy, and he loves talking about it in public.

Oee, loving his bath time with "Oee's poo and mommy's poo"

Oee, loving his bath time with “Oee’s poo and mommy’s poo”

I have learned my best coping mechanism, which I am sure is the way of most toddler parents. Our public conversations start with Oee pointing and saying “Look, mommy poo” in his normal volume. Then I respond “Yes, Oee, that is like mommy’s shampoo. Just like mommy’s shampoo!” In a very loud voice. Thinking about it now, I don’t know why I care that much, but in the moment it is apparently very important to me that the other mom’s and retirees in the drugstore during the day know he is talking about haircare, and that I am not doing anything inappropriate in aisle 3.

Then there is another favourite; “mommy pee pee”. But he is just actually talking about me peeing (I have 2 under 2 and rarely do I have a moment alone, even in the bathroom!), so there is no way to correct that one, and I just have to laugh!


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