Colours, the Dr. Seuss Way

Oee in his "Green Eggs and Ham bum". And cowboy boots, cause he's cool like that!

Oee in his “Green Eggs and Ham bum”. And cowboy boots, cause he’s cool like that!

Recently Oee has learned about colours. He loves telling you what colour things are. He likes restarting my laptop so he can tell me that the windows logo is red, green, yellow and blue. (Yes, he knows exactly what button to push to restart my computer, and he has fast little hands when he wants to get to something!)

We cloth diaper. Now that we have two boys in diapers, it creates A LOT of laundry. As a result, the diapers are rarely put away anymore. They are washed, hung to dry, then picked directly from the drying rack (aka, hung around the outside of the playpen) and put on a baby or toddler bum. Oee has access to the diapers and he loves telling me what colour they are. He loves picking the colour he is going to wear. The problem is he always wants his favourite colour and only that colour; green. We do have more green diapers than any other colour, but eventually he has to have a yellow diaper, or black or brown or whatever. All Oee cares is it is not the green diaper he asked for. Most times that is ok. Sometimes it is a disaster. Sometimes putting a blue diaper on the kid causing screaming, kicking and tears. Luckily, a lot of the time, Oee gets to wear a “green bum” as he calls it. And, like everything that is green, if he really likes it, it is not just “green” it is “green eggs and ham”.


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