Injured Moustaches


Not actually today’s runny nose, but you get the idea!

O-E is 21 months old and has an average vocabulary for his age. Which is to say, he understands a ton, says a lot and has horrible pronunciation. He knows what a moustache is; he points them out on hipsters and old men. However, he thinks “moustache” also refers to all upper lips, therefore mommy, grandma and even O-E have moustaches. Today he was playing and hurt his “moustache”, so of course he sought out mommy for a kiss to make it better. The problem is he has a horrible cold, and his nose has been replaced with a faucet that produces a constant stream of green slime. How do you handle your adorable toddler running up to you saying “Moustache hurted, mommy kiss!” expecting you to make it all better? Do you kiss the slime? Kleenexed or not, there is no end to the slime! Do I try to rationalize with my toddler; “Look dude, I love you and all but your nose is snotty and gross?” Do I just ride out the fuss and hope it passes?

Today’s method: A quick kiss on the forehand, and soft finger touch to the “hurted” area, and before he realizes he has been tricked, the number one, all time, best parenting tool ever: distraction! “Hey O-E, is that Elmo on the floor?” Worked this time! I’ll have to think about how to handle it next time, when I might not be so lucky.


2 thoughts on “Injured Moustaches

  1. Man, I gotta work on my distraction technique (aka The Elmo Ploy) that you used. I end up chewing partially chewed food that my 20 month old offers me because he looks so darn sad when I refuse. Did I just share too much??
    Hope your snot-fest clears up soon!

    • The distraction is my favourite tool! Although the success rate drops the more I use it. And I feel your pain… I have eaten WAY too many cheerios that don’t crunch. At all.

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